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Incredible Hand Tool with Power

LiveScribe® Smart Pen Tool

The HOTTEST tool to come along in a long time isn't a tool at all - well, not in the traditional sense. But I'll wager this is going to be the most valuable tool you've ever owned.

I'm talking about the LiveScribe® Smart Pen. For those guys that take notes and make sketches and want to keep track of them, this tool is gonna revolutionize how you work.

Make those sketches, take notes, and record the conversation all at the same time. Get back to the shop or office, plug your pen into your computer and upload everything. This Pen works with Macs and PCs both!!

Print your company forms on the special paper and leave the form with your client and still have a copy of what you wrote. Send those notes to your client via email or to another colleague for quotations, review, etc.

The possibilities are endless. View a demo of this product by clicking the 'play' button above. This demo shows students using this product but I'll bet you'll be able to see how you could put this to use for your work and hobby situations.