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Incredible Hand Tool with Power

LiveScribe® Smart Pen Tool

The HOTTEST tool to come along in a long time isn't a tool at all - well, not in the traditional sense. But I'll wager this is going to be the most valuable tool you've ever owned.

I'm talking about the LiveScribe® Smart Pen. For those guys that take notes and make sketches and want to keep track of them, this tool is gonna revolutionize how you work.

Make those sketches, take notes, and record the conversation all at the same time. Get back to the shop or office, plug your pen into your computer and upload everything. This Pen works with Macs and PCs both!!

Print your company forms on the special paper and leave the form with your client and still have a copy of what you wrote. Send those notes to your client via email or to another colleague for quotations, review, etc.

The possibilities are endless. View a demo of this product by clicking the 'play' button above. This demo shows students using this product but I'll bet you'll be able to see how you could put this to use for your work and hobby situations.

New 'Power Tools' Page Added

Slowly the pages of this site come together. Today I added another page. This one is for Power Hand Tools. Some of the most basic tools are shown along with some for specialty applications... Just like the other pages here and holding to the basic site philosophy, all you'll find will be Pictures and Specs. No fluff! Just information and links for a better tool buying experience.

Why Another Tool Website?

As a power tool user, I run up against a couple of issues that make me cringe whenever I visit most tool websites looking for something. They either treat me like a stupid idiot and unload all this flowery sales talk on me, or they make me dig through page after page of links as if I was some sort of data miner.

Most tools have been around for a long time so I don't need to know ridiculous rosy details about something like say - a wheel barrow. Just tell me what it's made of, it's load rating, and anything unique or unusual that would make this wheel barrow different from all other wheel barrows. PERIOD - and don't make me dig down five levels to find it.

None of that crap here... Just simple ways to find what you are looking for. No wasted time with sales fluff - only short concise bulleted lists showing the features and specifications. Those tools that are brand new and never seen before will get extra attention, but i'll never try to SELL you something. I'll provide the information - YOU make the decision. Simple Straight Talk.

You'll find that the pages here are dense and filled with lots of graphics - that's intentional. You won't have to dig down multiple levels to find something. Every page is a category onto itself filled with large pictures, and easy to read oversized type. Even the product links are different in that they are designed to open a new browser window. If what you click on isn't what you wanted, close that window and the previous window will reappear - no waiting for the window to reload. Simple Straight Design.

So there you have it, a new easier way to find tools. I hope you enjoy your experience here and visit often.